Salman Khan

Salman has been sent to be prisoned for 5 years.

It was late in 2002 when this happened, Salman Khan(the bollywood heart throb) was accused for hit and run case when he accidently killed one person and injured the rest four which five were sleeping at the footpath. It is found by the court that Salman was driving the car at that time so he has been sent to jail for killing that person whether it was an accident. IPC section 304 has found him guilty and he is sentenced to live in jail for next five years.

The case run for almost 13 years and now it has ended with a sad end for the supporters and fans of Salman Khan. Salman is very reputed and powerful personality but as the terms go law is equal for all.

Salman has done many charitable works but all his doings could not save him from the law. He is one of the best personality according to me. Helping the needy and poor , he always feels happy. He is good in nature as well as in character.

He can live outside the jail if his bel application is accepted by the high court. But still he has to live atleast two years in jail.

Let we pray for this beautiful and simply one of the best soul of Almighty that he ever live happier and keep helping the children of God with his grace and work. Love to Mr. Salman Khan…….

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